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The site deals with the information about drugs and its effectiveness, mechanism of action and interactions if any. Drugs have very important role in a human’s life, a drug is a substance that is used to diagnose, cure and treat or prevent diseases. There are two major kinds of drugs available in the market, they are over-the counter (OTC) drugs and prescription drugs. A team of expert panel is available who deals with the content that is going to be published. The content should be easier to understand by the reader and the panel can make such an information with clear guided information. The site is updated frequently such that it does not miss any kind of recent updates regarding drugs and their interactions. All the topics related to drugs and their interactions are covered and the readers can get benefited highly by following the site.

Each and every detail about the medication is mentioned in the website. The website is designed for the healthcare professionals and the patients such that they would clearly know about what they are going to intake. Health professionals can benefit through the site by expanding their knowledge about drugs and their interactions.

The contents of the website should never be taken as a substitute for the consultation with the health professional. Do not self-treat by following the information mentioned in the website. As it may lead to fatal health conditions. Prescription drugs should be mandatorily sold by a prescription given by a registered medical practitioner only. We are not responsible in any way for people who self-treat or intake the medicines based on the side effects mentioned on the website.

Procuring a prescription drug online is not illegal. However, the patient need to be careful and should be aware of the online sources when planning to do so. One can refer the FDA’s Consumer Safety Guide before buying a prescription drug online. Or else, they can get it verified through a state board of pharmacy to verify before buying from a state licensed pharmacy located in your country. One can get the list of state boards of pharmacy and the information about banned drugs at National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Asking and confirming or gaining knowledge about new prescription can help one to prevent medical errors. National Council on Patient Information and Education can provide tips on what to be asked about new prescriptions.

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