Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy of readers, the website is designed sensitive and we have created this page to let people know the importance. The page is created to let our users know about the importance of privacy policy and to keep them well informed regarding the risks involved in communicating. Please do remember that the privacy policy can keep changing without a prior notice and you should be in a position to get updated frequently. Continuing the usage of our services and website means you are following the privacy policy.

The data transmission in the network cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure and safe. But whatever the case it is, we use the latest technologies for protecting the information that has been provided by people on this site. We would be collecting certain information about our users like name, address, email id and many other details. The details are shared only with people who are involved and associated with the organization. We do not sell or provide all these information to any kind of third parties.

Other than these, the site would collect certain other non-personal information. The information can be collected in the form of cookies and using this data can help us, customer, and better. Helping the customer for a refined search based on their requirements. However, the users or individuals not comfortable with the site collection information and data have an option to disable the option in settings.

Few emails that are generated today are not secure and safe. Therefore the customers who want the details to be protected and those who need complete privacy should not be using this email. The email may be received from the site and this is only generated purely to help you. People who are not interested can unsubscribe from us and the option is available on our website. Many external links are there on the site and we have incomplete control over these links. We are definitely not responsible if you share the details with external links.

There are high chances that these emails might spread the unknowingly certain harmful virus to the computer. It is completely your responsibility to keep your devices protected. Children below 13 years are not encouraged to share their details with our site. But, in case the child is guided by parents and if you feel that we have collected information from a child, you can let us know by contacting us immediately.

Please download the information only if the site has stated you to do the same. Individuals are not supposed to do this act for any other purpose. We do not provide the personal details to any others and there are exceptions if only the court instructs us to do the same.
We have a technical and professional team that looks after the details provided by the readers. The sites get frequently updated with new technologies, as we do not take any chances with respect to the privacy policy.

We take all the measures to protect the details and are not responsible for damage or loss or theft of the information. For any queries regarding privacy policy feel free to contact us with the number provided on the website.