Can you give Tramadol to dogs?

Can you give Tramadol to dogs?
Tramadol can be given to dogs only with a valid prescription issued by a veterinarian. The dosage should be given with other appropriate information. Dogs sometimes experience severe illness and injuries that require usage of pain medication like Tramadol. It is an opioid like pain reliever specifically prescribed for dogs only in such situations where the medication is considered as most suitable for relieving pain.

Tramadol is available in the market under the brand name Ultram and used predominantly in humans but, the same formulations can be used in dogs as well. Make sure the medication in the correct dosage strength. The Tramadol usage in dogs should be done following appropriate precautions after consulting veterinarian, as it is done similarly for humans. If administered as prescribed, it can be very useful in managing illness and helps recovery of dog.

When is Tramadol administered to dogs?
The drug is administered for dogs in relieving pain as it is used in humans. Tramadol is useful in managing conditions like pain related to cancer treatment, degenerative illness and osteoarthritis, post-surgery and chronic pain. Dosages of Tramadol are calculated based on the weight of the dog and further adjusted based on its response to the medication. In a day, multiple dosages can be administered and it may take few days to observe some improvement in pain symptoms.

What should I know before giving Tramadol to my dog?
The drug should be given in the similar way as prescribed by veterinarian, and in a right way to get most effective results. Side effects can be expected in dogs similar to that experienced by humans. Over dosages of drug can be toxic for dogs and can lead to fatal effects. It is preferred to keep track of the doses administered. Tramadol immediate release formulations are prescribed for dogs. Tramadol 50mg can be given every day once in the morning as directed by the veterinarian. Depending on the body response to the treatment, the veterinarian can increase or decrease the dosage from time to time. The maximum dosage should not exceed 300mg to 400mg per day.
Tramadol extended release forms are avoided as the capsule may break in the mouth itself and this may lead to severe side effects.

Tramadol used in humans may not be suitable for dogs in few cases and in such cases it can be used in combination with another pain relieving drug. Few drugs may not be suitable and can be harmful so to avoid this check with veterinarian for any Tramadol dosage or name bran alterations.

What is the best way to give Tramadol to my dog?
It would be a difficult task to make the dog administer the medication. Pet owner can try inserting the Tramadol pill in a scoop of food and make it swallow easily. Mouth of the animal can be held open gently and try pushing it down the throat so that it will be swallowed to show effect in relieving pain. For a faster relief, Tramadol injection can be the best option where a veterinarian can administer the drug for your dog.

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